Laboratory-style Offshore Development by ARMS

ARMS is not only an offshore software development firm specialized for B2B, but also we take advantage of so-called laboratory style.

Conventional Offshore Development

  • Low Quality, Less Communication, Language disorder among races.
  • Unexpected costs are beyond the imagination : High cost.

The advantages of Laboratory-style Development

  • More reasonable cost than conventional way!
  • Visualize high quality.
  • Smooth internal communication and process.
  • No utility cost such as a rent fee.
  • Build tips and it makes its development efficient!
  • Full fill the best cost-friendly way.

Laboratory-style Development by ARMS in Thailand

  • We are all knowledge and well-established people, including CEO!
  • We satisfy all of our customers with our best team and its modern high techniques!
  • Thailand is the one of the most tremendously prospective country of ASEAN nations.
  • We hope we would play a primary role in its economic development here. We are going to provide precious information to customers. We would not only like to satisfy Customer requirements, but also create the best solution for you.

If you are looking for…

  • The person who take care of your company and your regular tasks!
  • The method to collect information for enterprise expansion overseas!
  • The way to improve internal process and make up for the lack of human resources!
  • The means that is used as reference to attempt offshore development!

We, ARMS, is going to cherish our relationship with our partner by using extraordinary techniques. If you are interested in us, please do not hesitate to contact us.